What is the difference between ASMX, WCF, and ASP.NET Web API?

Application architecture has evolved from monolithic architecture to SOA architecture in order to make better separation, then to more refined microservice architecture today.

Applications need to communicate among themselves, and to achieve this purpose, Microsoft has developed technologies like ASMX, WCF, and ASP.NET Web API.

Let’s explore them together today.

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What is CLR profiler?

CLR Profiler is a .NET tool, developed by Microsoft, to evaluate the C# applications (.exe) performances.

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.NET Profiling tools

There are some .NET profiling tools which are quite helpful to make code benchmarks and guide you to fix the application’s performance problems.

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.Net framework utility folders

As a .NET developer, there are some utility folders you might need to use in your development, build, debugging, test, and deployment, etc. And .NET framework and Visual studio do provide a lot of tools.

For example, I can use WcfTestClient.exe to test a WCF service endpoint. But I always forget its folder, and end up by searching it on Google or StackOverFlow. So, here I summarize the most frequently used utility folders in .NET development.

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