Microsoft .NET challenge France 2022 final 2 minute read

I’ve participated the Microsoft .NET challenge France 2022 final two months ago on 19 january 2023, 2 years after have participating the Microsoft .NET challenge France 2020 final.

The Microsoft .NET challenge France is co-organized by two companies:

  • SoftFluent, a French IT consulting company specialized in the Microsoft ecosystem with C#, .NET, Azure, SQL Server etc.
  • EditX, a Belgian company that hosts a lot of online competitions across Europe.

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How to monitor azure event hub events in real-time? 1 minute read

When you are debugging your application and you want to monitor the event in real-time, you can use service bus explorer.

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How to maintain legacy applications? less than 1 minute read Read more
What are Azure TenantId, ClientId (Application Id) and ObjectId? 2 minute read

There are some Identifiers you have to know when you are using Azure.

They are:

  • Tenant Id
  • Client Id (Application Id)
  • Object Id
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types/uuid - Uncaught TypeError Object(...) is not a function less than 1 minute read

If you want to check if a string is an UUID (Universally Unique Identifier, aka GUID) in reactjs.

You can use the NPM package @types/uuid to do it.

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Which tools you need to develop web applications in ReactJS? 1 minute read


  • Visual studio code
  • Chrome

Visual studio code extensions:

  • Auto Import

This extension will propose to import the related type you add in your file. It works for scripts developed in TypeScript and TSX.

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An optimized version of function sys.fn_cdc_is_bit_set less than 1 minute read

Change Data Capture (CDC) table uses __$update_mask to track the modifications of ordinal columns.

__$update_mask’s type is varbinary(128)

The function sys.fn_cdc_is_bit_set is provided within Microsoft SQL Server. It is used to calculate if the value of a column is modified, based on the column’s position and the __$update_mask.

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Microsoft .NET challenge France 2020 final 3 minute read

I’ve participated in the Microsoft .NET challenge France 2020 final, eventually one year later. ;)

The Microsoft .NET challenge France is co-organized by several companies:

  • SoftFluent, an IT consulting company specialized in the Microsoft ecosystem with C#, .NET, Azure, SQL Server etc
  • EditX, a company host a lot of online tests.
  • Microsoft. No need for introduction. :)

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How to create integration tests with Entity Framework (EF) core? 2 minute read

It’s not easy to create integration test with database, no matter whether you create queries directly against entity framework’s DbContext or you create your queries with repositary pattern which operate on your DbSets.

You need to always connect to your database to test your use cases with the real data or fake data you have prepared.

The good news is you can use the EF core’s in-memory database provider to tackle it easily.

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How to upload and download file in Angular 5+ and .net core 3 minute read

When you develop a web application in Angular for the front-end and C# or Java in the back-end, it’s frequently that you need to upload and download files.

Here is an example that may inspire you in your development.

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MS SQL server full-text index reserved words 6 minute read

Full-text index is different from clustered and non-clustered index in SQL Server.

Clustered and non-clustered index use a B-tree structure.

One table can have only one clustered index. And table data is physically ordered and stored into pages based on the clustered index. Page is the fundamental unit of data storage in SQL Server.

The table data is organized with root node (type: INDEX_PAGE), intermediate nodes (type: INDEX_PAGE) and leaf nodes (type: DATA_PAGE).

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How to create unit tests on internal methods and protected methods in .net core? 1 minute read

You’ll inevitablly write unit tests or integration tests for internal methods and protected methods in your .net project.

Here are some techniques you can use.

To test internal methods in projects developed in .NET Framework, you need add the following code in the AssemblyInfo.cs of the target target, then all its internal methods are visible to the tests project.

[assembly: InternalsVisibleTo("AssemblyName.Test")]
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How to download an Excel file from ASP.NET Web API in Angular application? 1 minute read

I’ve looked for some complete solution to download an EXCEL file from an ASP.NET Web API in Angular 9 application, but I didn’t find it.

As I’ve done it recently, I would like to share my implementation with you if it helps.

Firstly, expose an interface in the Web API to download the Excel file.

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Which library to generate Excel in C#? OpenXmlSdk or ClosedXml? 9 minute read

I need to generate Excel files in my recent work. The file is not huge and it’s around 5000 lines.

I have tried two open source libraries to generate them.

They are:

  • OpenXmlSdk
  • ClosedXml

There is very good library EPPlus which is very popular. It has become a commercial product since the version 5, so a license is required for commercial use. I work for a French bank, and I prefer to use an open source library because of the long purchase procedure in the bank and the cost.

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How to deploy react app to GitHub pages 2 minute read

Github-pages is very practical to host static websites, not only Jekyll based websites, but also Angular, React based static websites etc.

You don’t need to purchase a space for the websites hosting. It’s totally free! All you need is just a GitHub account. :)

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How to transform web config or app config by environment in visual studio 1 minute read

In software development, there are at least several environments to manage: development (DEV), staging (STAG or PRE), and production (PRD).

There will be integration (INT), user acceptance testing (UAT) in a more complete environment configuration.

It could be frustrating when managing all those environments because a small error in the deployment could generate an incident, or disaster!

Fortunately there is a cool tool to facilitate the environment management and software deployment in visual studio.

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How to change ASP NET MVC Web API output to camelCase less than 1 minute read

Unlike ASP.NET CORE Web API, ASP.NET MVC Web API’s will not serialize the output in camelCase.

camelCase example:


PascalCase example:

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How to resolve CORS AllowAnyOrigin and AllowCredentials conflict in ASPNET CORE Web API less than 1 minute read

When you implement an ASP.NET CORE Web API, you may want the API to support all clients from anywhere and enable credentials at the same time.

You need to make the CORS (Cross Origin Resource Sharing) configuration in your Web API.

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REST API Design - What is OpenAPI-compliant API? 10 minute read

The OpenAPI Initiative (OAI) was created in order to standardize the API design.The OpenAPI Specification (OAS) was originally based on the Swagger Specification, donated by SmartBear Software.

The OpenAPI is programming language agnostic.

You can see the OpenAPI Specification change history here

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REST API Design - Richardson Maturity Model 2 minute read

Leonard Richardson has defined a Model to determine an REST API maturity, called Richardson Maturity Model.

There are 4 levels of maturity.

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