Microsoft .NET challenge France 2020 final

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I’ve participated in the Microsoft .NET challenge France 2020 final, eventually one year later. ;)

The Microsoft .NET challenge France is co-organized by several companies:

  • SoftFluent, an IT consulting company specialized in the Microsoft ecosystem with C#, .NET, Azure, SQL Server etc
  • EditX, a company host a lot of online tests.
  • Microsoft. No need for introduction. :)

There were two sessions in total. The first session was held between June and July 2020, and the second was held between October and November 2020. Each session lasts one month.

There is an online quiz of 15 questions on C#, .NET, Azure, and Algorithm in each session. The questions will become difficult progressively and each question has a different point, from 1 to 3 points depending on its difficulty.

More than 500 developers have participated in the two sessions. And the top 5 performed developers of each session will be invited to the final. I did not know the result until I was contacted the organizer. I won the 4th place in the second session. :)

The .NET challenge 2020 final was supposed to be held in the headquarter of Microsoft France. However, it was delayed a couple of times because of the Covid. :(

Finally, it was held on 23 September this year in EPITECH, a software engineer school near Paris.

The format of the final is quite interesting.

There are two rounds.

The first round is an escape game

All the 10 finalists are divided into 3 teams, each team with 4 or 3 members. Then we went to different rooms to play an escape game.

The idea is to try to find all the hints randomly hidden in the room and use the hints to solve several applicative problems.

The first team that solve all the problems will be the winner team.

Unfortunately, my team did not finish it first. :(

The second round is a buzzer game

There are 10 questions displayed in a screen. The first person who press the buzzer will be able to answer the question. If his/her answer is correct, he/she will gain the point. The one who get the most points win the prize.


Finally, the winner gets a Microsoft Surface Go and a Surface Headphones. And every finalist gets a Surface Headphones.

The prizes were provided by Microsoft.

All the finalists

A Pizza party was held in the yard of EPITECH after the final.

Final thoughts:

The .NET challenge France is an annual event.

It is a great to test your .NET knowledge, get out of your métro-boulot-dodo (metro-work-sleep) routine, meet some interesting people/companies and have fun!

If you are a .NET developer and live in France or not ;), feel free to join the .NET challenge France 2022!

SUN Jiangong

SUN Jiangong

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