Design patterns - Singleton, Double-Check Locking Singleton and Lazy initialization

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Design patterns are a collection of software development best practices in solving commonly occurring problems.

Design patterns’ purpuse is to improve the software’s quality, reusability, and maintenability.

There are 4 categories of design patterns called Gang of Four (GoF):

  • Creational patterns
  • Structural patterns
  • Behavior patterns
  • Concurrency patterns

Singleton is a creational pattern.

Double-checked locking is a concurrency pattern.

Lazy initialization is a a creational pattern.

Singleton is a design pattern used to limit one class to have just only 1 instance.

Basic Singleton example:

Double-check locking singleton example:

volatile: ensures that one thread retrieves the most up-to-date value written by another thread.

Lazy initialization singleton example:

Call the methods inside the singleton classes.

The two implementations of singleton works, and you can choose the ideal one with your special requirements.

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SUN Jiangong

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