C# Delegate - MultiCast, Named, Anonymous, Lambda, EventHandler

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A delegate is a type safe function pointer. Using delegates you can pass methods as parameters.

To pass a method as a parameter, to a delegate, the signature of the method must match the signature of the delegate.

This is why, delegates are called type safe function pointers.

The declaration of a delegate type is similar to a method signature.

A delegate can be instantiated by associating it either with a named or anonymous method.

C# 2.0 introduced anonymous methods and in C# 3.0 and later, lambda expressions supersede anonymous methods as the preferred way to write inline code.

A simplified implementation of the Observer pattern

A simplified implementation of callbacks

Anonymous (non-reusable) blocks of code

1) Named delegate, multicast delegate

multiple delegate objects can be assigned to one delegate instance to be multicast using the + operator. A composed delegate calls the two delegates it was composed from. Only delegates of the same type can be composed.

The - operator can be used to remove a component delegate from a composed delegate.

In this example, “a” and “b” are simple delegates, “c” and “d” are multicast delegates.

2) Anonymous delegate & lambda

3) Event Handler delegate

Here I will create a custom event handler with two parameters which are an object sender and an custom object event args.

custom “MyEventArgs” class inherite from class “EventArgs”, with a class constructor who initiate the value for property “Arg”.

Then, create custom event with custom event handler.

The custom handle method has same parameters as custom event handler.

Then, bind handle method and event handler to event.

Instantiate a custom event args.

Invoke the event with class object and custom event args.

Let’s see the result:

Now, the custom event handler is created.

Finally, we are arrived at the end of this article. I hope you can find some useful information for you. Enjoy coding!

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