Code refactoring - bad smells in code and refactoring techniques

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There is a list of refactoring techniques with examples.

  • Duplicated code

Extract method or Extract class

  • Long method

Extract method, Inline method, replace temp variable by query, Parameter object(DTO), Replace method by method object

  • Large class

Extract class, extract subclass,

  • Long parameter list

Preserve whole object, Introduce parameter object

  • Divergent change发散式变化

Extract class: divide class into different sub classes, in this way, several changes in a class can be made into several sub classes.

  • Shortgun surgery 霰弹修改; 和发散式变化正相反

Move method, move field: put all codes need to be modified into a class for preventing from forgetness in a lot of differenct classes.

  • Feature Envy 依恋情结

symptom: a method use a lot of method in another class.

Move method, Strategy, Visitor pattern

  • Data clumps 数据泥团

  • Primitive obsession 基本类型偏执

Replace data value with object, replace type code with class

  • Switch statements : switch 惊悚现身

Replace conditional with polymorphism

  • Parallel inheritance hierarchies 平行继承体系

symptom: when you create a subclass for a class, you have to create a subclass for another class.

solution: make sure that instances of one hierarchy refer to instances of the other

  • Lazy class冗赘类

symptom: a class is not doing a lot of work

solution: inline class, means moving all it’s features into another class.

  • speculative generality 夸夸其谈未来性

remove parameter, collapse hierarchy, inline class

  • temporary field 暂时字段

extract class, introduce nullable object

  • message chains过度耦合的信息链

symptom: You see message chains when a client asks one object for another object, which the client then asks for yet another object, which the client then asks for yet another another object, and so on. solution: hide delegate

  • middle man 中间人


  • inappropriate intimacy 不合适的亲昵行为

extract method, extract class

  • alternative classes with different interfaces

  • incomplete library class

  • data class

  • refused requests

  • comments

Extract method, Rename method

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