What are most used abbreviations by CSharp developers?

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Here are most used abbreviations used by C# developers.

1. Architecture

Abbrev Full name
SOA Service Oriented Architecture
SaaS Service As A Service
PaaS Platform As A Service
IaaS Infrastructure As A Service
MVC Model View Controller
MVP Model View Presenter
MVVM Model View View Model
CQRS Command Query Responsibility Segregation

2. Methodology

Abbrev Full name
TDD Test Driven Development
BDD Behavior Driven Development
DDD Domain Driven Development
ATDD Acceptance Test Driven Development
XP eXtreme Programming

3. Tests

Abbrev Full name
NRT Non Regression Test

4. Principles

Abbrev Full name
DRY Don’t Repeat Yourself
SOLID Single responsibility, Open closed, Listov substitution, Interface segregation, Dependency inversion
YAGNI You Ain’t Gonna Need It
KISS Keep It Simple Stupid
SOC Separation of Concerns


Abbrev Full name
DoD Definition of Done

6. Database

Abbrev Full name
ORM Object Relational Mapper
POCO Plain Old CLR Object

Last update: 2020-02-03

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